Trotec presents the new Speedy 400 laser engraver

Speedy 400

The new Speedy 400 laser cutter from Trotec features a range of innovations which set it apart from the competition, including optimised performance for quality and speed, easy material loading, maximum operator comfort and the most efficient processing.

Customer productivity is at the forefront of Trotec’s mind when designing new products. To improve production efficiency, the maximum engraving speed of the Speedy 400 has been increased from 3.55 m/sec to 4.3 m/sec at an acceleration of 5g, which when combined with the revolutionary motion planning system OptiMotion, make the new Speedy 400 capable of cutting up to eight times as fast as comparable laser cutters.

The new OptiMotion feature calculates cutting speed and acceleration based on the geometries of the graphic in real time, allowing you to easily plan your production time per job.

Even when processing at the maximum working speed, the Speedy 400 easily achieves perfect results thanks to highly intelligent control electronics, precise mechanics, reliable laser sources, and the intuitive Trotec JobControl software.

To reduce pre-production time, Trotec’s patented Sonar Technology is a standard feature for the new Speedy 400. The system automatically detects the focus point at each position of the worktable and automatically moves to the correct focus position. The ergonomically redesigned machine offers maximum comfort for operators, with the new front lid handling design making loading materials an easy task.

The progress of individual jobs can now be easily seen at a glance thanks to a new dynamic status display. Previously, job times have only been visible in the laser software, but this new feature gives users an easy way to see at a glance whether the laser is operating, a job is completed or stopped, which laser source is activated as well as multiple other statuses.

A standard for all Speedy lasers, the new Speedy 400 is available with a CO2 laser source or with Trotec’s patented flexx technology, featuring both a CO2 and fiber laser in one machine. Combining both laser sources into a single machine allows multiple materials to be processed in a single job with no requirement for changing the lens, laser source or focus.

The Speedy 400 is available with a variety of options to suit your business requirements, such as the multi-functional table concept, different lenses and the JobControl Vision camera system, designed for accurate processing of pre-printed materials. This makes it possible to adapt your laser at any time to suit the changing needs of your business.

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