Trotec Laser launches large format laser cutter

The SP1500
The SP1500

Showcased for the first time at its South East showroom, Trotec Laser has launched its largest and most powerful flat bed laser cutter – the SP1500.

This CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine is the perfect tool for demanding and versatile applications. The 400 watt laser can cut through thick acrylic, wood, fabric and plastic and has a robust flatbed which can handle large plates and sheet material. Plus, with the addition of the heavy load table, the SP1500 can process objects up to 50kg in weight, perfect for granite plates, marble tiles and even tombstones.

A close-up
A close-up


Key features include:

  • 1500x1250mm working area, suitable for a full standard size sheet of acrylic.
  • Suitable for material up to 185mm high.
  • 7.5in lens, perfect for cutting thick material.
  • Optional heavy load table for objects up to 50kg.
  • InPack Technology protects inner components, creating a virtually maintenance free laser.
  • Head mounted extraction removes debris while cutting.
  • Intelligent path control reducing cutting time.

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