Trophies – it’s the future

A1775DAlmost every company in the UK wants to increase turnover, profitability and product line. These companies also want to do it with the smallest possible outlay, in terms of, stocking, staffing and money.

So imagine a product which has an excellent profit margin (minimum 100% mark up) which is easy to display and market with the tiniest of outlay. One better than that. It’s a product that your existing customers are buying off someone else.

The product? Yes you’ve guessed it. Trophies and awards.

Any supplier of teamwear, schoolwear and club attire will already have clubs and associations which have a need for trophies. By being able to supply your existing customers with awards as well as your current products, you become a one-stop-shop.

So how do you add trophies and awards to your current range?

The quickest way to promote the fact that you supply trophies is to distribute the brochure (available free of charge). For those who want to up the ante a little you can have a small trophy display.

Ordering trophies couldn’t be simpler. The customer selects his trophies from the brochure, and will give you engraving instructions and a presentation date. You then place the order with Glenway, which will dispatch as instructed.

But what if you don’t engrave?

No problem, Glenway offers a quick and economic trade engraving service. Just send the details and Glenway will do the rest. However many customers can sublimate, which is more than acceptable on a trophy plate.

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