Transfers… Not just T shirts!

WoW can be used on softshell jackets

Potential buyers of any print technology today need to fully understand what their intended purchase can and cannot do, preferably before they make the purchase.

Plus they need to ensure in having their own sales and marketing plan in place to ensure decorated products are sold at the right price to protect a viable return on the investment. However, there is still no single print solution that covers everything and probably never will, but the current offering from TheMagicTouch goes a long way in affordable solutions for many markets other than just printing white T shirts.

The TMT/Oki white-toner and CMYK printers with their small footprint and enhanced toner configurations offer compatibility with all 10 of TheMagicTouch transfer papers. The printers are powered using the bespoke SpaceControl software to assist in colour management and offer specific paper settings and functions for reduced toner consumption. The range of printers available today offers users a choice to suit individual requirements and budgets. All TMT/Oki printers come with a standard three-year warranty.

White-toner technology continues to grow in popularity with an expanding range of product applications that assist in creating and developing new business. Having the ability to produce one-off personalised samples for customer evaluation is sales and marketing dream come true. One major advantage is the low risk in terms of investment combined with the vast range of products that can be decorated including 100% cotton, denim, nylon, polyester, PU surfaces, performance fabrics, glass, acrylic, leather and even human skin.

TheMagicTouch temporary tattoo paper over the past year continues to grow in popularity within the hen and stag party market together with a growing demand from sports clubs, music festivals, charity events together with fashion and promotional markets. Other transfer products include RST9.1 developed to enable full colour imaging onto such products as wood, mdf, slate, stone and many other products with dark and rough surfaces.

TheMagicTouch enables users to grow their businesses profitably by helping them create new customers who are offered more product choice. This is highlighted by the strong growth over recent years of short-run production of umbrellas, cushions, bags, holdalls, phone accessories, notebooks and of course together with the T shirts and growing workwear apparel ranges. The ability to decorate in full colour softshell and polyester windbreaker jackets offers massive potential and rewards.

TheMagicTouch offers transfer solutions and continue to support all products and applications with outstanding technical and customer support.

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