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Work-Guard Lite mix and match options

Work-Guard and Safe-Guard entered the market five years ago and to this date remain strong players in the workwear market. Here, Sara Sanders-Smith, director of Result Clothing, provides insight into the brands and what they offer printwear professionals.

Q. Can you explain the inspiration behind the development of Work-Guard and Safe-Guard?

Yes, of course! Result outerwear was being worn in all arenas not just as a canvas to promote events or a company logo, but as a validation that person wearing it was qualified to carry out a task and employed to do.

It soon became apparent to us that a specific brand was required to fulfil the wants of those employed within trade industries who needed to be outfitted in workwear built to provide comfort, durability and safety. Comfortable clothing that wearers don’t mind getting dirty, protective to keep them warm, dry and cool, safety to keep them visible. And so we set about creating and developing such a collection and Work-Guard and Safe-Guard, the high-visibility collection, were born.

Q. Can you provide an overview of the product range and what sets the brands apart from others in the workwear market?

All garments within the Work-Guard and Safe-Guard collection are designed to be decorated and to match or jigsaw in with other garments across all our ranges. They are made from not only an array of fabrics and finishes but hit varying price points, so regardless of your budget, we can supply a bespoke look for a specific price point without compromise on durability or safety certification.

Q. Do you have any new products in the pipeline?

For 2020 we shall be extending our colour range on our top selling R200X High Viz Motorise Safety Vest, responding to market requests by adding the R470X Super Stretch Slim Chino and R471X Super Stretch Slim Chino Shorts to our top selling trouser range, adding new colour work trainers, high-vis printers beanies and revamping our softshell work trouser to a slim fit stretch cargo design, loaded with features such as expansion waistband, scuff panels and triple needle seams.

In addition, we shall be launching a budget hi-vis motorway jacket and printable softshell using the latest in flexible safety bands.

So, you can say there is a lot going on at the moment!

Safe-Guard mix and match options

Q. Can you explain more about the mix and match system?

This is where customers can match garments across all our ranges to form a top to toe look in matching shades and sizes. This system offers a flexible module garment combination in dynamic colours to co-ordinate an individual look for work teams across the full Result clothing range.

For example customers can match the R317X Lite Gilet with the R312X Apex Polo Shirt, the R319X Lite Shorts, the RC035X High-Viz Cap and the R340X Defence Safety Boot for a fully co-ordinated look.

Q. What kind of worker would you say Work-Guard and Safe-Guard is aimed at?

Anyone from corporate teams to the individual tradesman. The beauty of mix and match is that it can suit every type of worker and because we cater for all shapes and sizes, the range is suitable for anyone.

Q. What do the collections offer the female worker?

The same strong sellers are available in women’s fit. We launched our R308F Women’s Action Trouser this year and are pleased with its sales so far. Our trainer’s unisex fitting start at women’s size 3. Injection shoe moulds for this style are the same for men and women so our size range starts with size 3 and runs through to men’s size 12.

Q. What about folks of a larger size?

Earlier this year we introduced larger sizes into many of our softshell styles and expansion fitting waistbands on several trouser styles. The majority of the Work-Guard and Safe-Guard collection is available in sizes S to 2XL, with some styles being available in 4XL and in some cases 5XL, such as our R312X Apex Polo Shirt.

Q. The products have been on the market for five years now, what feedback, response or comments have you had from garment decorators?

The overall consensus seems to be that they are very pleased, especially because we are continuing to incorporate clear, but hidden, access points wherever we can, as well as supplying high volume products such as T shirts and safety vests in printers’ bundles for quick turnaround and minimal handling.

Q. What decoration opportunities do the brands present?

Loads! All our garments are designed to take decoration with hidden access points to allow for greater frame or platen purchase on outer fabric. All products are available ready to brand coming either tag-free or with cut-away labels. With the addition of the R450X Printable Safety Softshell to the Safe-Guard range, this has increased the branding opportunities available to decorators.

Q. Do you have any advice for garment decorators when it comes to branding the range?

If I could impart any advice, it would be to advise decorators to always test garments to ensure the garment is suitable for their technique. We have all styles decoration tested so we can indicate how a garment may perform, especially on coloured garments. For anyone unsure, we have print and decoration experts on hand to advise as always.

Q. What marketing materials do you provide for garment decorators who would like to promote this collection within their own retail unit or print shop?

We supply various POS from stands to banner, as well as our own team of friendly brand ambassadors who are happy to visit, present or recommend any of our range.

Q. Where are the brands available from?

Work-Guard and Safe-Guard are available from all major trade distributors whose full details can be found on our website.

Also, visitors to Printwear & Promotion LIVE! will be able to see and feel garments from both brands as Work-Guard and Safe-Guard will be exhibiting for the first time. The brands will be on stand C20, so do come along to meet the team and find out more.

Work-Guard mix and match options

Q. What challenges do you think currently face the UK workwear market and how can these be overcome?

It’s all about stock at the moment: holding a substantial SKU count across a wide number of sizes is imperative so stock holding must be managed really cleverly with previous sales algorithms coming into play while keeping a keen eye that your range doesn’t get choked by slow movers.

Design-wise, garments must be flexible, highly technical but remain commercially economical.

Q. What trends can be seen in the workwear market?

One major trend that we have seen is workwear that crosses over into leisure. Hybrid styles that use technical sports fabrics to allow for wicking to make the wearer feel anatomically comfortable so are able to perform for longer are here already. We have seen younger work force teams who wear similar garments in their leisure time wanting the same for their work.

Q. And finally, where do you see the Work-Guard and Safe-Guard brands in the next five years?

I would like to see Work-Guard and Safe-Guard still be the dominant, go-to brands in this industry and by giving confidence to all garment decorators to expand their skills with our ranges, we will hopefully see their customer-base grow along with us.

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