Top quality, functional and ergonomic workwear

3011 polo shirt
3011 polo shirt

Projob is a high quality Swedish Workwear brand that is diverse across many different sectors.

It provides top quality functional and ergonomic workwear with the user at the forefront. Work clothes have to withstand a lot of hard ware; therefore strong proven materials are used for the clothes, which are subjected to rigorous scrutiny.

The details on Projob’s garments look great but, also, they always serve a purpose and areas that are especially exposed to wear are Cordura reinforced.

One of the brand’s basic design principles is that the clothes you work in should have a representative appearance as every worker represents the company to the outside world. Life is also much more than the job, and the boundaries between work and leisure are becoming ever more blurred. Many of Projob’s garments are also well-suited to use after the day’s work has ended. Projob’s three core values are ergonomics, function and quality. Within this, Projob has some small principles that it always aims to work towards.

Its three layer principle always starts with a base layer, which allows your body’s moisture to be transported away from your skin while ensuring optimum body temperature which enables you to work comfortably. The new 3105 Crewneck is the best example of this. The second layer would be a polo/T shirt and its new 3011/3010 gives the professional look for your company with three core colours while maintaining the technicality of the garments such as moisture wicking etc.

These garments fit into any working environment, not just the outdoor side of the industry. To finish the three layer principle and to fit into extremities, a jacket and trousers are essential. With the weather in the UK as varied as it can be, it is important that your garments are both functional and specific. The 3405+ 3509 Wind and Waterproof Jacket and Trousers fit the bill in every way, shape and form.

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