Tibard to expand UK manufacturing capabilities

The new Lectra Vector IX fabric cutting machine

UK manufacturer Tibard is to expand its production in Dukinfield, Manchester through investment in a state-of-the-art fabric cutting machine.

At present around 10,000 garments a week are manufactured using a 10-year-old Lectra fabric cutting machine. However, with time and heavy usage comes reduced efficiency, quality and support for repairs and general maintenance.

With this in mind, Tibard has upgraded this machine by investing in the new Lectra Vector IX, which will allow the manufacturer to remain competitive and improve clothing quality.

The introduction of the new cutting machine will mean that production output will be improved. At present, Tibard’s current cutting machine achieves 85% up time, whereas the new Lectra machine is expected to reach 98% after a brief installation period. The Vector IX will also be able to increase manufacturing output by 33%, which means over 3,300 extra garments produced a week.

The final mechanical benefit of this new cutting machine is that stock held as ‘work in progress’ will reduce by 50% within six months of installation.

Tibard’s factory in Dukinfield, Manchester

Operations director, Andy Shackleton, said: “Tibard has always committed to British manufacturing. This new cutting machine facilitates greater output and efficiency in clothing production and we think that it is a fantastic platform for us to expand our manufacturing capabilities even further. Our customers will really see the benefit in both their physical uniform and our wider services.

“Our excitement for this latest innovation is tremendous. We have always been early adopters of technological changes and we think this Lectra machine is the next step in taking our efficiency and production to the next level. We are confident that once the installation period is complete, we will be able to enhance our competitive advantage. We will be able to achieve a sub 10-week lead time on completely bespoke uniforms. After all, our customers want style, consistency, reliability and quality and with the Vector IX we can improve all of those aspects right here in Great Britain.”

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