Three technologies – one solution

Businesses grow with TheMagicTouch
Businesses grow with TheMagicTouch

With the recent arrival of new and improved desktop sublimation printers from Sawgrass Technologies, TheMagicTouch now offers three clearly defined transfer technologies that can accommodate most customer demands and needs. Each affordable solution offers clear and defined markets.

Under TheMagicTouch banner the company has pioneered the ultimate in toner-based transfer products with a range of unique transfer papers enabling the decoration of a multitude of products and applications. This has been enhanced with the introduction of white toner to alleviate many of the print restrictions of the past relating to full colour imaging onto specific product colours and garment types.

The MagiCut brand continues to innovate offering a vast range of garment flex, flock, glitter and reflective product materials suitable for use with any plotter or cutter device. While this market continues to steadily grow the labour cost associated with ‘cutting and weeding’ still restricts this to mainly single colour designs.

And finally DyeSubMagic, the sublimation option of TheMagicTouch in the UK, recently announced a partnership with Sawgrass Technologies offering new Virtuoso HD Printers for the next generation of affordable and reliable sublimation printing. The new A4 SG400 and A3 SG800 models feature re-engineered electrostatic transfer belt and upgraded piezo print head for improved dot size and placement resulting in stunning image quality up to 1,200×1,200dpi available for less than £300.

Decorate multiple products
Decorate multiple products

In the past due to the high entry-level equipment cost of the various technologies potential users had to opt for one or another between the transfer options. Each technology has its own unique advantages and in some cases restrictions. However today customers who embrace all three see their businesses grow and prosper having the confidence of being able to fulfil almost any customer demand.

Potential users now enjoy printers, heat presses and plotters at the lowest prices ever.

Jim Nicol, managing director, commented: “We really do offer the best solutions for digital image transfer supported by great technical and marketing support. Customers now appreciate that having all three technologies opens up new and growing markets in the world of personalisation with minimal financial risk.”

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