Three new DTG printers from Polyprint

The three new Texjet models

Polyprint has launched three brand new direct to garment printers to give customers a wider choice on print size and product cost.

Texjet Shortee

This is the smallest of the three but still prints up to 32x45cm which is A3+. The Shortee is a very compact printer and very competitive in price. It has a selection of four different sized platens including a sleeve platen, small, medium and large. The large one also accommodates a polo shirt. It comes with the excellent Polyprint V7 RIP which alleviates the need for programs like Photo Shop.

Texjet Echo

This is the new version of the very popular Texjet Plus Advanced. It has new styling, new magnetic platen system with a choice of eight sizes, touch screen controls and new optimized linear guide system for smoother control of the bed movement. It comes standard with its excellent print quality and ease of use. It has a maximum print area of 42x60cm.

Texjet More

This printer is very similar to the Texjet Echo but with a much larger print area of 42x95cm. It has a selection of another six different sizes and can be used with a two pallet system.

Screen print and DTG mix

This unique system of printing the white base on a screen print unit and the colour on the Texjet Plus is now well established and working well within some large screen print companies.

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