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Anti Puckering Spray
Anti Puckering Spray

ETC Supplies has made significant increases in market share with the new Premium embroidery thread. This thread is available in both rayon and polyester and in 5,000m cones or 1,000m cops.

The thread is marketed as ‘just like the big brands but only half the price’. Jas Purba, MD, said: “We are extremely happy with the take up of this thread and it will make a positive contribution to our customer’s bottom line profit. One of the largest schoolwear companies in the UK has switched over to the Premium embroidery thread as well as many other customers both large and small.”

Anyone ordering 20 cones, this can be mixed colours, will receive free carriage in the mainland UK.

ETC Supplies Anti Puckering Spray has become very useful to embroiderers who work on fabrics that pucker. The spray is applied to the back of the fabric being embroidered which gives it a little firmness to stop the puckering. The Anti Puckering Spray will dry very quickly before being embroidered. After washing the coating will become softer and less noticeable. The Anti Puckering Spray is used in addition to the standard backing.

Fabulon Ring Mark Remover Spray
Fabulon Ring Mark Remover Spray

Last but not least, ETC Supplies Fabulon Ring Mark Remover Spray is a must-have item for every embroiderer. Many customers buy this in the case quantity and people are giving up on steaming and pressing of garments to use the Fabulon Ring Mark Remover Spray instead. You will notice especially on black and navy polo shirts the terrible ring mark that is left after removing the ring and frame.

The Fabulon Ring Mark Remover is simple and very effective to use. Just simply spray the marked fabric and watch the ring mark disappear. You do not need to wait for the spray to dry before packing as it is absorbed into the yarn. The spray does not leave any residue or nasty smell.

Problems with embroidery on sportswear? ETC Supplies has the answer! The recently developed Super Spun is a type of cut away backing. The backing is extremely light weight and almost transparent. This backing is ideal for today’s light weight silky sports tops that embroiderers have problems with puckering and holing. You only need to use one or two sheets and the results are amazing. The backing does all the work of holding the embroidery in place so you do not get any puckering or holing. You can cut the backing away and any remaining is not visible on light coloured fabrics.

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