The Ultimate team player

Story Azure Blue 577M_577F LRThe polo was originally born as a sports shirt, popular over the years not just on polo fields but on tennis courts, golf courses and anywhere else people enjoy a little competition.  Today, the modern polo shirt can help you look the part whatever kind of team you’re in.  That’s why it’s such a big hit for sports, corporate fashion and schools.

Often it’s the little things that make people fall in love with a garment and keep them coming back for more.  That’s why we at Russell pay attention to important details that are often overlooked by other suppliers.  Things like dye-to-match buttons, herringbone neck tape and a handy spare button on the inner side seam.

The Russell range of polos has been streamlined to five key styles – carefully chosen to offer all the choice you’ll ever need.  A distinctive range of high quality styles available to suit men, women and kids.

And when it comes to colours, our palette allows for matching of consistent colours across a mix of key uniform styles e.g. our 569M and 569F now matches the colours in our 150 & 155 t-shirts and 575 hoodie.

Cotton or polycotton?  You decide.

When only 100% cotton will do, our 577 Ultimate Cotton Polo is the natural choice.  We pre-wash our fabric so it will hold its size and shape for longer – making it extremely well suited to team wear.  We use finer, thinner yarns with a double-tuck pattern to create an exceptionally stable fabric with a very dense knit.  The result is a softer hand-feel and a finer surface that’s ideal for more detailed embroidery.

Our 539 Classic PolyCotton Polo has earned its name for a reason.  The first uniform polo launched in the UK, this is our all-time favourite, tried and tested polo.  It’s an absolute all-rounder, ideal for all uses, retaining its colour and shape, wash after wash.  It’s available in a huge range of colours and sizes to fit everyone from little kids up to 6XL adults.  Smart, versatile and practical, it’s no wonder UK schools and businesses alike love it!

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