The three threads story

The Men’s Sweater
The Men’s Sweater

The molton fabric used in many of the sweat items is a wonderful example of the frequently- mentioned special quality of Promodoro products.

What is really special about it, though, is the number three. For unlike standard fabrics, which are knitted with two threads of a normal thickness, Promodoro is knitted with three finer threads. Products made from this high-quality cotton fabric feel cooler, afford better thermo physiological properties and are easier to print on due their finer texture. These are strengths that everyone can feel on their skin and see with their own eyes.

The Men’s Sweater is an absolute classic in the sweatshirt collection of Promodoro. A casual fit and the brushed inside provides an extra softness. Made of 100% pure cotton, 340gsm. Available from XS-5XL in 15 colours. If you need to have this sweatshirt in your own pantone colour Promodoro can help you with “DO YOUR OWN COLOUR”.

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