The specialists in sportswear


When the day comes that we decide to start doing sports and we then plan to do it at home, go to a gym, play football with friends or make running outdoors. We have everything ready and we realise that we do not know what to wear, it may seem a bit frivolous but there is also fashionable sportswear, differences are given by the technical design of garments to optimise performance and avoid damage. When training we want to be comfortable with what is worn and have freedom of movement, for example, there are gym clothes that absorb sweat immediately and is quite comfortable when you are going to practise high-impact sports, also having a towel is almost part of the dress of any athlete or person attending the gym.

Roly has specific lines for sports with exclusive models for any discipline, high tech, running, training, highlighting football where we are genuine specialists. T-shirts, pants, sports jerseys, balls, accessories, bags and towels. Technical garments with anatomical design, lightweight, breathable, thermal garments that keep and preserve body temperature.

When you think of sport, think ROLY. Design and quality at unbeatable prices.

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