The Pyramid group goes from strength-to-strength

Pyramid provides an array of colours
Pyramid provides an array of colours

With both companies in the group, Pyramid Screen Product and Pyramid Textiles posting double digit growth for the last financial year, the future looks very promising for Pyramid.

In order to continue this growth a number of new products have been launched to satisfy market demands.

It is a well-known fact that the Rutland group have the greatest market share in the worldwide T shirt printing market and Pyramid is having great success converting users away from other systems with their range of products. The Rutland M3 inks represent a winning combination of features and benefits, and this is why some of the largest companies in the UK have made this choice.

With this technology of Rutland Plastisol and Discharge inks, you have the perfect accompaniment to any decorated garment.

We all know and understand that the end customers want a nice, soft and very bright white and Discharge offers this. The new Best of Brand Bright White discharge from Rutland is widely acknowledged as the best white Discharge available today.

To compliment this, Pyramid is launching a new Super Soft Discharge white. It is now possible to get bright vibrant colours and a very soft feel onto dark garments. Having worked in conjunction with a specialist raw material supplier, this new formulation from Pyramid not only provides a nice opaque bright white, but thanks to new manufacturing techniques, the feel of the printed garment is truly exceptional.

Launched earlier this year at P&P Live in February, the Pyramid range of opaque Plastisol colours has been very well received by the market place.  The range, an array of standard colours including both a trichromatic set and a number of very vibrant fluorescent colours are designed to have very good opacity, but without the printing issues some of the other opaque colours can bring.  With the well-established range of whites, blacks, bases and adhesives, this brings the range of Plastisol Ink products marketed under the pyramid banner to well over 40.

Unlike other inks that are sold by the kilo, these inks are supplied in both one and five litre pack sizes so the volume is always consistent, rather than vary by colour, thus helping the printers to better gauge their ink purchases

From The Workhorse carousels, SRoque Automatic machinery, CPS range of pre-press products, Saati emulsions,  In house re-stretching service, the Rutland group of inks and now with the growth of their own brand of inks, it’s no wonder Pyramid are the one-stop-shop for so many of the UK’s T shirt printing companies.

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