The Melco EMT16 modular embroidery machine lives up to its promise

 The Melco EMT16
The Melco EMT16

The Melco EMT16 modular embroidery machine boasts faster production and is easy to learn, use and maintain. Embroidery businesses of all types will appreciate the mechanical enhancements and user-friendly computer interface. Once again, Melco has advanced the potential of machine embroidery with its latest release of the Melco EMT16. While this new machine retains some physical characteristics and proven features of previous models, the Melco EMT16 is stepping things up in three major ways – speed, usability and versatility.

Arguably the most notable feature is the embroidery speed enhancement. Improved hook and trimmer technology enables the EMT16 to embroider up to 28% faster than the previous model, AMAYA XTS. Faster embroidery times leads to increased production efficiency, something any embroidery business owner will enjoy.

Software engineers at Melco have been hard at work creating a new operating system. Melco OS (MOS) has a user-friendly interface making machine operation a breeze. The system is very intuitive, and basic machine operations can be learned in as little as 30 minutes.

The embroidery machine stand has been designed with a large open area below the pantograph so that excess material is free to move with the machine. People that embroider on large, bulky items such as golf bags are sure to appreciate the open design.

With all the new features creating excitement, the Melco EMT16 retains many characteristics that have set the modern standard in embroidery technology. This is a modular system; multiple heads can be configured to best suit the production needs of any business. Additionally, heads can be added in the future as production demands increase. Thread tension is set and controlled with Acti-Feed, Melco’s patented thread control system. Tension is automatically adjusted on the fly, there are no manual tension nobs to adjust. EMT16 is a 16 needle system with a large 15.7×16.1in maximum sew field. For those that offer embroidery on hats, a cap attachment enables high quality embroidery on a variety of today’s popular styles. The wide angle cap frame offers a large 270 degree sew field. Speaking of size, the small cylindrical lower arm enables embroidery on a wide variety of products. You can even embroider shirt pockets using a special pocket frame.

In short, Melco EMT16 is characterised by its versatility, ease of use and expandability. For those considering an investment in embroidery machines, Melco should be at the top of the list.

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