The future of fabric


Dennys Brands is launching a range of beauty and hospitality tunics made from a new fabric, designed specifically for the hospitality industry. The tunics also benefit from an action back – allowing more ease of movement which is important for the wearer.

During Dennys’ 176 years serving the hospitality trade, much time and effort has been devoted to ensuring that the best possible fabric is used for the purpose of each garment. Dennys has invested in research and development to produce fabrics which will exceed the expectations of the hospitality industry. The latest fabric leading the way is a new cotton feel polyester, solely available to Dennys.

The new Dennys cotton feel fabric has the advantages of durability, tremendous reiliency, stain resistance and wrinkle resistance. It retains dye colour well, does not shrink, dries quickly and has a additional stain resistant finish. Rub tests on the fabric have shown the fabric to have no sign of breakdown up to 50,000 rubs. Apparel is usually only tested up to 7,000 rubs and upholstery up to 50,000. The fabric is also great for sublimation printing.

So far Dennys has put this fabric to use in the 40 colour apron range. Taking insipiration from current palettes available from other hospitality sectors such as tablewear and interior design, popular colours have been selected to form a collection of bib and waist aprons.

Emily Chadwick, garment technologist said “Its great to work for a company like Dennys that is so enthusiastic about their market sector. We have seen some amazing things happening with the development of fabrics and we are keen to stay on the cutting edge.”

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