The future looks bright for AD Colour

DTGPlain 1Over the last 12 to 18 months AD Colour in conjunction with Screen Tec have been testing a whole host of textile-based products, from digital printers to complete ink ranges, plastisol, water-based and discharge and pre-press emulsions. Read on to find out more.

AD Colour has partnered with top European ink manufacturer, Amex, which is based in Italy. The company produces some of the most exciting inks to come to the market for years. The inks are already being used every day in some of the of the UK’s top print houses.

Gary Pooley of AD Colour says: “It’s important for us to have complete confidence in the products we sell and they have been proven to exceed the expectations of our customers every time.”

In partnership with Amex, AD Colour has developed inks to suit the UK printers demanding specifications made specifically for the UK and now a completely new water-based ink system, a totally new exclusive opaque optically bright discharge white, AD-TEXHB, and a UK only bright flash white are being released.

Matteo Jermi from Amex adds: “In AD Colour and Screen Tec we have partners which are committed to textiles and offer an unrivalled level of technical support and stocks.”

With large stocks of Colorado flash white, new optical white, Chamonix low bleed white,

with Amex’S new CMX matching system and opaque STD colours. AD Colour also

stocks and supplies inks from FUJI Sericol from texopaque, texiscreen, texcharge and many more.

saatitex ht emulsion pic croppedWhat sets AD Colour apart? Well it’s a combination of products, service, technical support, and a hands on approach that allows the company’s customers to call at any time for advice and also for technical visits.

With branches in London / Midlands / North West and distributers in Newcastle / Scotland / Bristol AD Colour is able to offer good UK coverage with local support.

With the support of its suppliers AD Colour can offer screen stretching in ISO approved meshes and glues, using the latest equipment and process. AD Colour has also made a £50,000 investment in new equipment for 2016.

With large stocks of SAATI mesh and emulsions and chemicals and being able to offer a stencil making service should it be needed? Using the latest stretching equipment for high tension screens. Produced under tight procedures and control in modern working factories, along with a fully operational coating and stencil department producing a various of screens from high build to precise micron thickness AD Colour and Screen Tec, along with a highly motivated team and expert technical back up with six technical field technicians serving the textile market, AD Colour and Screen Tec are at the forefront of the industry.

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