The fourth ZSK Open House sees the launch of new machinery

Racer 0218

In September, ZSK held the fourth edition of its Open House, at its headquarters in Krefeld, Germany.

Distributors and customers from all over the world were intrigued to see what surprises ZSK had in store for the embroidery industry. Previous years have seen over 1,200 visitors from more than 45 countries attend the show, and this year’s show was the biggest yet.

Stocks Embroidery Solutions, the sole UK distributor for ZSK machinery, was at the show with new Sales representative, William Barras.

He said: “It was all very interesting. We learnt a lot about the new technology available and what ZSK will be bringing to the industry in the near future. It is incredible to see how passionate the team at ZSK is about bringing the next best thing to the industry.”

ZSK’s team of mechanical, electronic and application engineers have worked hard on improvements, new developments and new products since the last Open House in 2016.

New technologies on display included the following:

  • The colour change process in Sprint and Racer machines with MCP 35 electronics has been simplified. A new catcher motor is installed that reduces the time of the catcher process.
  • Due to the use of closed loop servo drives on the Racer Series, the machines can now achieve higher speeds at longer stitch lengths.
  • When Tajima customers switch to ZSK or start implementing ZSK, they often want to keep their existing frames. ZSK offers a connection plate for tubular frames that allows the operator to install Tajima arms on ZSK machines and to continue to use their existing Tajima frames.
  • All Racer Series machines are equipped with MCP 35 electronics, closed loop servo drive systems and an extended field for tubular In most models, the field has been extended by 92mm.
  • In 2016 ZSK introduced a Quick Change System for the Sprint This system has been continuously improved and the newest version is now available for the Racer Series.
  • ZSK has introduced a new stitch plate insert for the Sprint and Racer Series. The tubular arm of these models does not require a cap insert anymore for the majority of hats.
  • The casting of the tubular arm has been strengthened with additional internal material.
  • ZSK now offers red bobbins.
Sprint 7XL

New machines on display included the following:

  • ZSK has extended the Sprint Series with three new models – the Sprint 7, Sprint 7L and Sprint 7XL. The Sprint 6 and Sprint 6 XL are being continued as 12 needle All Sprint 7 models are equipped with 18 needles and servo drive systems.
  • The Racer 2XL is part of the Racer Series but only available as a border frame machine. The machine has an embroidery field (per head) of 700x700mm and is equipped with 24 needle
  • The Racer 0218 is part of the Racer Series but only available as a border frame The machine has an embroidery field (per head) of 550x700mm and is equipped with 18 needles per head.

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