The evolution of technology

The Coloreel unit

The evolution of technology runs our lives these days. Smartphones, tablets, computers and machinery – we really can’t function without them and our need for the latest tech to make our private and working lives easier means we are in the midst of a technology explosion right now and much of this revolutionary technology in years to come will become the norm.

With this in mind and the embroidery industry we work within the stand out technology right now is Coloreel.

This revolutionary technology to instantly colour thread as it is sewn on the embroidery machine has made the industry stop in its tracks and think of the future!

The benefits of this technology are obvious such as being able to work with any brand of embroidery machine, always having the right colour, less stock on shelves and the ability to blend colours but some of the less obvious benefits such as the ecological impact on the environment and the positive implications of dying thread this way are much more far reaching.

The Coloreel system will indeed take time to evolve into the everyday way that embroiderers work but evolution in this industry is fast as we know, transferring files to machines has moved from tape to disk to memory card to USB to networking, barcoding etc. in a matter of years and sending or pulling designs from a pc or cloud database to the machine saving many hours and errors is now the norm!

Digital printing technology in all forms has evolved rapidly and now get ready for the thread printing revolution to begin.

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