The essentials for school

Comfortable clothes
Comfortable clothes

Going to school is the most important activity of children and to have clothes ready for the start is easy with Roly. They should have the right clothes, comfortable and according to the school’s needs and climate in which they live.

You will need at least one T shirt or polo shirt for each day, with both short and long sleeves, models like t shirts Dogo Premium and long sleeve Pointer, polo shirts as Egaso and Carpe. During most of the year it’s cold, a couple of hoodies like Clasica and Capucha. Sets for sports lessoms, like Salas, shorts like Calcio and Milan, tracksuit as Olympus, a sports sweatshirt as Seul. Warm clothes for afterschool activities, jacket Graham, perfect for colder days, fleeces as  Himalaya  and Pirineo or parkas such as Europe. Ensuring the beginning of the course it is guaranteed with Roly.

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