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SWF K Dual Series

If you are involved with garment decoration then you will know Your Embroidery Services Ltd, although you may know the company better as YES.

The company first opened for business on February 14, 1995 offering a consultation service to embroiderers. Roy Burton, founder of YES Ltd, was one of the most experienced embroidery machine technicians in the country and it was his expertise that was to be tapped into.

Soon after starting up, requests for used machines were being received and so the company made its first, but certainly not its last, diversification. It was also at this time that the embroidery supply industry was being introduced to new names. The days of the market being controlled by ‘the big two’ were coming to an end and new manufacturers were looking for outlets into an expanding and lucrative European market. It was this move in the industry that was the spark that really lit YES up.

SWF was little known in the UK and Europe at that time but the company was already establishing a name for itself in other parts of the world. The company was keen to join forces with YES Ltd and utilise the extensive knowledge held by Roy so discussions were held, deals were signed and the rest, as they say, is history.

It is because of that simple agreement all those years ago that the industry now benefits from unique machines such as the Dual Function range. SWF, as mentioned, was keen to tap into that high level of knowledge. The company didn’t just want a distributor but rather a partner that would be prepared to put forward ideas and comments that would result in a machine that suited the market.

A joint strategy

For embroidery, the joint strategy has resulted in many firsts that we now take for granted.

The latest machines from SWF carry standard features such as self-threading, reduced ‘slow-down’ for colour changes and trims, semi-automatic lubrication, USB support, multi-language support, touch screen control and many other features that, not long ago, would have been optional extras.

One of the key developments by these companies though was the introduction of the dual function machines.

For many years embroiderers had wanted the ability to embroider two different patterns/products at the same time but it was just not possible. Or, at least, it wasn’t. The introduction of this unique machine broke new ground in the embroidery industry and, to this day, is still unsurpassed in its flexibility and productivity.

YES Ltd was also involved in the first direct to garment printers to arrive on these shores. Those early machines were in their infancy and did not, shall we say, run smoothly.

The experience that YES developed though was to come into its own a few years later when the company joined forces with DTG Digital. Together the companies worked hard to develop the first direct to garment printer that did not rely on an existing print engine.

Put simply DTG Digital machines are bespoke machines designed from the ground up. This particular partnership has also resulted in the development of ‘bridge’ machines that are capable of printing bulk quantities while still offering the ability to print one-offs.

The next developments

This attitude of always looking for the next development has stood the test of time and is still relevant today. Recently the team has become involved in UV printing and, as with other products, they were looking for that little something that gives their customers an edge. Did the team find it? Of course, they did.

DTG Digital M2

YES Ltd is, what you could call, a complete supplier but that is not necessarily based on what it sells but rather on what it does. Yes, YES Ltd has a complete range of products, both capital and consumable, and yes, it has a highly trained team of support staff providing excellent back-up.

What really defines YES Ltd though, is that it has that rare commodity: vision. The company is always looking forward. Always looking for that something that will give customers an advantage over the competition. When you deal with YES Ltd you really are dealing with the complete supplier.

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