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Decoration is a big business split into many different sectors. Some businesses are small and aimed at individual or small orders whilst others cater for the larger outlets producing large numbers of garments and other textile products. Whether you fit into either of these or anywhere in between there is a common need that runs through it all – a reliable supplier who has the knowledge and expertise to support both you and your business. YES Ltd is that supplier.

YES Ltd has been serving the decoration industry for nearly 25 years now but the company’s expertise goes much deeper than that.

Roy Burton, the managing director, for instance has over 45 years’ experience while John-Paul Burton, sales director, has over 30 years of knowledge and that is only the start. This level of expertise goes right through the company whether that be on capital equipment, software, consumables, peripherals, ancillary equipment or, most important of all, know-how.

The company has one of the widest catalogues of decoration equipment and can supply you with high quality goods whether your industry is embroidery, direct to garment printing, UV printing, spangling or transfer print. Basically, if you want to decorate a product, these guys can help. YES Ltd is so much more than just another supplier though. It has worked closely with its principals in developing new machinery, techniques all with high quality and productivity in mind.

Working closely

In the embroidery market, the team has worked closely with SWF embroidery machines for instance on developing the unique SWF Dual Function embroidery machine. The world’s number one, and only embroidery machine in the world, that can embroider two different patterns and/or garments at the same time. Just think of the flexibility this offers and also think of the, up to, 25% increased production you would get above a normal machine from any other machine provider.

Then there is the ever popular DTG Digital range of direct to garment printers. YES Ltd works directly with the manufacturer in developing a new style of machine. Not one that utilises existing machinery and firmware but one that has been specifically designed from the ground up. This meant that YES Ltd did not have to compromise to make things work. They designed success into the product right from the start.

Now this range has been extended to include the QM series. These models, together with the M Series, offer a bridge between small orders and bulk quantities. While still at home printing individual one-offs they can also handle industrial style orders that may have previously handled by screen printers thus expanding their customers’ client base.

Print Wizard

The DTG development doesn’t stop at hardware either. YES Ltd has worked tirelessly to improve the supporting software and firmware. With iQ Interweave these machines can print at low resolution without the usual problem of banding. A new addition to the software system is IOS which utilises the colour of the garment to reduce the amount of ink used, including white ink by way of cutting the cost per print by up to 40% cheaper than any other supplier in the UK. This not only saves money but actually results in a better print quality overall.

This level of involvement means that YES Ltd doesn’t have to learn about a product because the team has been involved in its development. It is the link between the developer and the user. The team know these machines inside out and upside down and that can only be a benefit to the customers they serve.

Rest easy

As an end user you can rest easy when you are a YES Ltd customer because, according to the company, service is its key product. This is why YES Ltd has become so heavily involved in research and development to ensure that the team can give the best support available. Setting up and running a successful garment decoration business can be a bit like wading through treacle in flip flops. It’s very hard going, you are likely to get stuck, and you can easily lose everything including your shoes. Having the support of a supplier who is just as concerned about your success as you are is a massive asset and one that should be welcomed.

So, remember, if decoration is your trade, whether that be embroidery, direct to garment printing, transfer printing, spangling or UV inkjet printing then all you have to do is be positive and say yes to YES Ltd. With these guys watching your back you that you have got the best support available.

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