The best machine on the market?

SWF Dual Function

‘The best machine on the market’. This cannot be the first time that you have heard this statement and it surely cannot be the first time that you have thought with that air of doubt that tends to accompany such utterances, ‘yeah, sure’. However, the team at YES Ltd still stand by the statement and, in the next few paragraphs, hope to explain why.

All embroiderers want the same thing – profitability. It’s what we all want from our businesses otherwise there is no point in being in business in the first place. But we all also want, wherever possible, flexibility. If you can maximise the use of a piece of equipment that has cost your company thousands of pounds then the investment is more worthwhile and will show a positive return in a shorter time. YES firmly believes that the SWF Dual Function machines can achieve that goal so let’s look at some of the facts.

One of the first questions that many people are prone to ask is “how much is it?” when what they should be asking is “how much can it make for me?” This is where the Dual Function shows its first, and major, advantage over other machines on the market because it literally can make more money for you than any other machine.

Why? Because it can do what no other machine can do which is to embroider two different designs and/ or products at the same time and this gives you maximum flexibility in the way that you plan your production. Using the example of a Dual Function six head (3×3) you could, for instance, run three caps and three T shirts at the same time. Even if you could do this on other machines, which you can’t, you would still have the problem of the design. In most cases you should not use the same digitised design for both knitwear and woven caps. Even if it is the same design graphically, the digitisation for each product is different.

On a SWF Dual Function, you have two independent control systems, one for each bank of heads. This is what the machine was designed to do.

There are other benefits. Let’s take the scenario of getting to the end of an order and, on the final run, you only have two garments left to embroider. On a standard six head machine you have no choice but to run the machine with four heads switched off wasting time and productivity. With a six head Dual Function machine you can run the final two garments on one bank while starting your next order on the other bank of three. So instead of running the machine at 33.3% capacity you are now running it at 83.3%. More than doubling the productivity of that machine for that run. This also has a major benefit when sewing problems occur or when a sewing head runs out of underthread. On a standard machine the whole machine stops while you fix the problem on that head. With the Dual Function only half the machine stops meaning that, even during a problem, the machine is still running at 50% capacity. Because of these advantages YES Ltd can state quite categorically that SWF Dual Function machines are more productive than any standard embroidery machine.

Is the SWF Dual Function the best machine on the market? The team at YES Ltd think it is!

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