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Q) Does screen printing really have a future?

A) Why wouldn’t it?

Q) There are so many modern garment printing systems why will we still want to screen print?

A) Ah! I see what you mean. You can clearly see that screen printing is facing some tough competition from so many systems that don’t require the knowledge that most people think you require with screen printing. However, everything is moving on leaps and bounds and screen printing is no exception. Modern inks are so much better and easier to work with. Most businesses still think that screen printing is dirty, messy, smelly and a bother to work but that is not the case. Sure you are working with a wet ink but you can have a clean, tidy, very small, work area and screen print without any problem. It is also worth remembering that a screen printed garment is still one of the most permanent ways to decorate. There is no denying it just works.

Q) Do you not find everyone just wants to buy a DTG printer?

A) Ha Ha. DTG machines are certainly our main opposition. We have found that customers are often considering buying a DTG system thinking it will be a better advantage to their business than screen printing. What is even more amazing is the number of sales we have from businesses who buy a DTG and then come to us because it doesn’t do everything they want, or they find the cost for printing relatively simple jobs is just too high and screen printing does a better job. GOCCOPRO machines are now working closely with DTG.

We are just launching a new system that can integrate with DTG printers where you screen print the under-base ink saving large amounts. Then making larger runs on DTG is way more profitable. Have a look at our new video to see how easy it all is.

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