The 1200s is here!

yes_imageThe wait for the iUV-1200s is over! With the recent launch of this latest model from world renowned developer Compress the range of UV printers has a machine to suit most needs.

The team at Impression Technology Europe (ITE) is keen and ready to spread the word about this amazing machine that, not only produces fantastic print quality, but also represents amazing value for money.

The Compress iUV range has taken the industry by storm with machines which utilise UV LED technology and give the user the ability to print exactly what they want, when they want and onto whatever they want. Like the smaller iUV-600s this latest model uses industrial print heads which feature 1440 nozzles capable of delivering a minimum picolitre drop of just 3.5Ng producing ultra-fine dot placement. When configured with up to 6 colours of CMYK plus white and clear the machines deliver print at an incredible speed and with remarkable brilliance. The iUV-1200s boasts a maximum area of 1200mm x 604mm and an adjustable print height of up to 300mm (the largest media height of any printer in this class) setting new standards in promotional printing.

Each ink is delivered via a 250ml pressurized ink tank giving a constant feed to the damper whilst the white inks are recirculated through the unique WIMS filtering system. This ensures low maintenance and less downtime making the machine more productive. The machine can also produce high quality prints at low resolutions due to the unique iQ Interweave firmware. This means that the machine prints in a particular pattern thus avoiding the problem of banding which is commonly seen when printing at lower resolutions. There is even an optional unwind/rewind solution for roll media. These machines are different in the best possible way and that is because the UK based developer has looked hard at the industry and recognised what would make a difference. The result is quite simply astounding.

As with all of the products from the Compress stable the iUV-1200s is not an ‘adapted’ machine. The developers looked carefully at what was already available in the market and identified a gap, not so much in actual production but rather in flexibility – what the machine can handle. The result of their research is the iUV-1200s and the smaller iUV-600s. Both of these models boast an impressive specification. Apart from the already mentioned WIMS and iQ Interweave they also benefit from automatic height detection and ink mist extraction. With an all-steel construction and manufactured to the highest industrial standards the Compress iUV-1200s is a machine that deserves attention.

For more information on this and other products in the ITE range call 01623 861173 or visit

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