Technical caps meets fashion details


The study of trends as well as the search for special and technical fabrics are always key points in the Atlantis collection.

That is why Atlantis introduced three special caps in the 2016 collection. Air, Runner and Jogging caps perfectly meet the needs of the Sportswear h24 combining the quality of a technical fabric with some fashion details.

All three caps are 100% polyester, have a high quality Velcro closure and a polyester sweatband, but they each have their differences.   Air cap has laser holes on its top, Runner cap has reflective piping and mesh inserts on visor and both sides. Jogging cap has contrasting inserts and structured front panels compared to the other two.

As a result of the Atlantis non-stop process of research and innovation, these three caps embody the union between the technicality of sport and the beauty of the fashion details.

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