Take your embroidery designs anywhere


It is now possible to take your embroidery designs anywhere with Tajima DG15 by Pulse and PulseCloud.

A new feature of this product is the Social Experience. This provides the ability for users to share their designs on Facebook and Twitter to attract potential customers.

All of the industry leading features and functionality you need to succeed are now accessible from your mobile device, changing the way you operate your embroidery business. Create, manage and browse up to 100,000 of your embroidery designs from multiple devices through the all new online PulseCloud service. Whether you design from a desktop computer or use the PulseCloud WebApp from your tablet, you’ll always be able to access your Pulse DG15 designs with the swipe of a finger.

Build and browse your online portfolio with constant access to your designs from your mobile devices. You can even create new designs using templates that you design. Moving technology to the cloud opens the door for various mobile and social possibilities, enabling you to take your business on the go and access your important files securely on multiple devices.

Apparel decoration businesses that implement PulseCloud will quickly see the benefit both in terms of profitability and efficiency. PulseCloud lets you keep an eye on machine status and job queues as they actually sew out, helping management stay up to date on production status when not on the production floor.

You can also send designs to your machines directly from your mobile devices.


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