T shirts make great marketing tools

M110s in black and white
M110s in black and white

A printed or decorated T can be a fantastic marketing tool. Like a mini walking billboard, it’s a great way to get a logo or brand name (or contact details) seen and, if a great T and design that folk want to wear, it’s going to be seen often.

From fun runs with names of sponsors, to fashion companies with the name of their brand emblazoned across the chest, each and every wearer becomes a brand ambassador. For optimum logo exposure, it’s important to consider what type of T should be used. As we know, due to the sheer quantity of options in the marketplace today, all T shirts are not the same! What do you want your T shirt to say about your (customer’s) brand? Is the intention for the T shirt to be long lasting and worn often or is it for a one-off occasion when quality may not be as important? Should it look modern in terms of fit and cut? Perhaps you’re seeking something that’s a bit over and above the standard T to best reflect your business?

Mantis World has been focusing on developing great quality T shirts that offer something over and above that of a regular T in response to demand and market trends. Customers are becoming ever more discerning, aware and demanding of quality, fit and want Ts that reflect retail market trends. The ease of internet retailing has resulted in a new wave of T shirt and clothing brands – each seeking garments that are perfect bases for their design and brand identity.

Mantis’ men and womenswear offers a choice of clearly defined T shirt styles including both Long-length and Loose Fit for women which have proven to be perfect for the big, bold logos which have been so popular in T shirt trends recently. Additionally, due to the distinctive hand-feel and styling detail, Mantis’ much-talked-about men and women’s Superstar T is enabling many own-brand customers to (successfully) retail at a premium price compared to a more standard and basic T shirt product.

The brand has continued to develop its offering of unique and distinctive product with the introduction earlier this year of a beautiful Tencel T for women and a unisex Vintage T which has been pre-washed to attain that sought after look of a well-loved and much-worn T. With the array of products on offer, it’s more possible than ever to find the perfect base for any brand identity which can only be a good thing for wearer, decorator and brand alike.

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