Switch on the Turbo!

In an industry of everchanging trends and where deadlines are key, the time is now for garment decoration to step up the speed, and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Supplying the range of digital print heat transfer vinyl from German manufacturer Poli-Tape, Dorotape continuously provides solutions to boost productivity, without compromising on quality.

For those looking for a great printable all-rounder, say hello to the Image Flex Turbo! With the ability to be heat pressed at temperatures as low as 130˚C, this soft white film can be used on a variety of textiles such as cotton, polyester and even nylon. Not only is this film versatile, but it also boasts speed. Designs can be pressed for as little as just three seconds, and they’re ready to go!

Printing sportswear? There’s now a Turbo for that too. The Image Flex Turbo Sub Block combines the speed and low temperatures of the standard Turbo, with the added bonus of a blockout layer to prevent colour migration of dyed polyester coming through the printed image.

If single colour work is more your thing, then look no further than Poli-Tape Turbo which is available in 50 colours including a great range of neons and metallics. Just like its printable siblings, Turbo Flex presses at low temperature for a shorter time to speed up the whole process without compromising on quality.

Talking of quality, Poli-Tape is renowned throughout the world and is at the forefront of producing consistent high quality, self-adhesive textile films. With this range of garment decoration films from Dorotape, finding your perfect match has never been easier, and application has never been quicker!

When time is precious, why not save yourself some?


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