Swiftartwork.com looks to transform the industry for artwork setup

How it works
How it works

Swiftartwork.com is a newcomer to the digitising and vectorising services industry. Based in London the company has built a marketplace platform for services which are important to the personalising industry.

Artwork set up is the key to any vinyl, screen or embroidery company, hence a good designer who understands the personalisation steps and getting the artwork right is key to a successful business.

Sam Adamjee of Swiftartwork.com said: “It’s not just about getting a artwork set up and going into printing but there are underlying issues which need to be resolved e.g. adding the under base with a key line for the consecutive colours to ensure you get the print right. Getting the right designer for any company is important to help save time and wastage.”

Swiftartwork.com has a built a community of good, vetted and tested digitisers and printing designers on its marketplace so the added benefit is that any company can come and submit a design on their platform which will be processed by Swift Artwork’s global team of designers and digitisers. “It’s like the Ebay or Amazon but for services not goods,” adds Mr Adamjee.

Now companies can dramatically lower their cost of artwork set up on Swift Artwork’s platform since they do not need to have a full time designer but instead submit the artwork on their system and any one of their hundreds of designers will cater the design.

“We also have plans to launch a system where each design submitted will be bided by different designers or digitisers so that the end customer gets the best deal”, concludes Mr Adamjee.

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