SWF embroidery machinery – a new beginning

yes_imageWhy a new beginning? The short answer is because the industry needed one.

We know that the industry in general ran into difficulty after the global bank crash with many local and international companies suffering the consequences of a downturn in business. SunStar Company, manufacturers of SWF embroidery machinery, was no different but, in an effort to survive, the company did not follow others by going into crippling debt, but instead decided to follow a different path.

SunStar recognised that the industry in general was seeing resurgence in good fortune, and so started to look for a third party that would be willing to capitalise the company. Little did the team know that the investor in question that would eventually buy the company, committing itself to the ultimate investment, would be Mobase.

Most of you will not know this name, but many of us will have something of theirs in our homes and offices as the company is heavily involved in the technical engineering industry as a main product supplier to telecommunications giant Samsung. This was a strength that the team wanted to bring to SunStar but the main asset they brought was commitment. It is important to realise that the interest Mobase showed in SunStar reflected on the whole of the industry. A company such as Mobase, would think very carefully about any investment never mind one in a different industry, but the company looked at the positivity shown in embroidery and decided that the venture was worthwhile. Mobase saw that embroidery was on the up!

At a recent meeting with Mr Byeeong-Jun Son, the chairman of Mobase Company and now also SunStar Company,  YES Ltd was advised that they were delighted at this new acquisition. He further stated: “Our company (Mobase Company) engages in engineering manufacturing with very strong business to business connections. Having companies based in Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and China employing more than 2,000 staff we are very aware of global demand and being a supplier to Samsung means that we are at the forefront of new technology and manufacturing processes. We still, however, continue to look for new ways to expand our horizons and we saw a great opportunity with SunStar Company which has been at the cutting edge of developments for many years in both the sewing and embroidery machine industries.

“Continued development of brands such as SunStar Sewing Machines and SWF Embroidery Machines means advanced machinery is supplied to some of the world’s biggest textile processing companies, garment designers and manufacturers. The high speed DM and Dual function embroidery machines are supplied to many such businesses through our partner distributors such as Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) who is based in the UK. It is our intention to continue all support to our distribution channels and to the final customer’s through a continued alliance with such highly skilled companies. We are already undertaking more product development, to keep our customers at the forefront of embroidery technology for the years ahead.”

Mr Son added: “Acquiring SunStar Company gives a great prospect for the future. New model machines, offering advanced production facilities for the end user, will be launched within 2016 and we also have developments in mind, such as Intelligent Domestic Robots, which may also be considered for the future. Mobase is a Limited Company with over 10 years of engineering and trade experience. We are working towards returning the SunStar and SWF brands back to the very high standard that they achieved a few years ago. As in the past they will be the industry leaders. With our skill, knowledge and commitment to success the future is looking good. We are concentrating on our distribution network and customer support program’s initially whilst production of new machinery ramps up, whilst, at the same time, developing new skills in the SunStar Company to deliver improved products to our customers around the world.”

Roy and John-Paul Burton, of Your Embroidery Services Ltd, which has been the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Eire distributor for over 20 years, undertook this interview with Mr Son, chairman of the SunStar SWF Company. They reported that there is an unbelievable buzz at the SWF assembly plant in Incheon Korea with all staff having a renewed confidence and a real commitment to the continued success of the SunStar and SWF brands. Roy commented that: “The production factory is a hot bed of activity and, although there had been many rumours about the SunStar SWF Company  stopping production, quite the opposite is where the company is at. In fact, they are a vibrant team, committed to success and sailing full steam ahead to the future.”

Even with all of this news though there is one thing that stands out above all else. All you doubters in the embroidery industry consider this – Mobase, a company having no previous involvement in the embroidery industry, has just committed massive investment to purchase one of the world leading manufacturers and suppliers on embroidery machinery and this shows our industry is on the rise

So, a new beginning? Yes, a new and confident beginning starting now!

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