Sustainable materials and recycled polyester

LITE Hooded jacket style 9646

Tee Jays’ new LITE Jacket Collection is made with sustainable materials and recycled polyester. The collection consists of the LITE Jacket style 9644, the LITE Hooded Jacket style 9646 and a LITE Bodywarmer style 9648.

All styles in the collection are made in a soft light material, isolated with DuPont padding matte textured 1×1 ripstop fabric and a clean Scandinavian design. All styles in this collection feature a quality SBS zipper, inner pocket, two large front pockets and is designed with invisible elastic cuffs. All styles are unisex and has a minimalistic design suitable for everyday wear. The LITE Jacket series is designed to keep you warm and is going to be your perfect match in the cold weather months.

The LITE Jacket style 9644 is available in the colors black, navy and deep green. The clean Scandinavian design gives this jacket a modern silhouette. The LITE Hooded jacket style 9646 is available in the colors: black, navy, deep green and dusty orange and is featured with a hood. All styles in this series is water repellent and keeps you warm in all kinds of weather. The LITE bodywarmer style 9648 is the last style in Tee Jays’ new series of insulated sustainable jackets. The bodywarmer is available in the colors black, navy and deep green.

Great features and details make this series fit for any lifestyle; easygoing styles that are absolute must-haves in your wardrobe. All styles available from BTC activewear and PenCarrie.

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