Sureprint builds tailor-made dye sublimation gas dryers

The dye sublimation gas dryer
The dye sublimation gas dryer

Sureprint’s dye sublimation gas dryers are optimised for high temperatures and large volume curing of products at low running costs. Being designed and custom built in the UK, Sureprint can tailor the dryers to specific purposes and its latest model has been developed for ceramic mug transfers capable of processing 1500+ mugs per hour.

The dryers incorporate high volume air re-circulation fans, PT

FE fibreglass belts and an intuitive user interface enabling precision temperature and speed adjustments. Each mug dryer is manufactured with a high oven section to enable dye sub curing of both standard and large size mugs. High volume air re-circulation throughout the oven ensures even airflow at the desired temperature.

The model shown incorporates a 1,200mm inlet, 1m wide belt, 3,000 mm oven and a cooling section which allows sufficient cooling of the product to allow operators to unload the mugs and immediately package them. The mugs are evenly heated from the inside as well as the outside, this gives perfect clean lines and brilliant colour vibrancy from the transfers.

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