Summa launches Tray One

Tray One will uplevel many businesses

Summa has introduced the Tray One Sheet Feeder, specifically developed for the desktop models of its new S One roll cutter Series.

Tray One not only benefits large volume industries but focuses equally on small volume businesses such as copy shops and retailers. Tray One represents the ideal sheet/ label cutting solution specifically engaging in optimal ease-of-use in the cutting workflow.

Automating the cutting workflow as much as possible can make a real impact on many business’ productivity, efficiency and ultimately on the company’s bottom line. The more advanced the automation, the fewer redundancies, waste of time and material. Summa is, therefore, constantly on the search to optimise automation into its entire cutting equipment gamut.

Tray One is compatible and retrofittable with S1D60, S1D75 models from the Summa S One Series.

Christof Van Driessche, chief commercial officer, Summa, said: “Evolving with industry trends and developing our machines tailored to customer needs are two key Summa drivers. The demand for an efficient sheet and label processing add-on for our desktop roll cutters was quickly picked up and led to the development of this ultra easy-to-use Tray One Sheet Feeder – tailored perfectly to the desktop S One roll cutters. We are convinced Tray One will uplevel many business’ workflow in the digital press, retail, copier and screen printing industries.”

Advantages of the Tray One sheet feeder are multi-fold, ranging from the possibility to process a wider range of material types, straightforward workflow built-up via plug-ins, easy cutting of vectorial PDF files, compatibility with different print technologies, support of common copier sizes, and so on. By using Tray One, workflows will be facilitated considerably, from copy to cut.

Furthermore, perfectly integrated in-house Summa GoSign software – available on all Summa roll cutters, S One included – ensures automatic contour cutting of printed sheets thanks to advanced OPOS registration. The many intelligent features of the GoSign software guarantee the cutting workflow to be managed flawlessly and with great flexibility. Tray One combined with the reliable Summa desktop vinyl cutters controlled by the GoSign software is the perfect match to obtain accurate, easy-to-use label and sheet cutting solutions for many years to come.

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