Styles determined by tried and tested performance


Alexandra is renowned for designing and producing quality, fit for purpose workwear for many decades. The company’s designers understand that its fabric and styles are developed to make the customers feel good in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit everyone.

Alexandra’s bestselling polo shirts are made from durable fabric that stays bright and soft. It will make your whole team look smart and is ideal for any industry. The Tungsten workwear range is designed with comfort and toughness in mind, for both men and women. Available in a range of styles from jackets, polo shirts or holster trousers that can easily co-ordinate with one another in a variety of colour contrasts to keep your team looking stylish.

These styles have changed very little over the years, because what works most effectively in terms of providing comfort, practicality and protection for the widest markets and workplaces is not determined by fashion but by tried and tested performance.

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