Stryker – This oval knows how to get around

Stryker_341M&R’s new Stryker is the most versatile oval screen printing press available. Stryker is built on a 10-station base module that can be expanded in 6-station increments to create 16, 22, 28, 34, 40, 46, and 52-station configurations. Other than the end stations, there are no restrictions on printhead placement, so Stryker’s layout can be tailored to almost any production or building requirement.

Since Stryker’s oval shape takes up less floor space than comparable carousel automatic screen printing presses, it makes more efficient use of available production area. It also allows Stryker to fit into tight spots no standard carousel press could.

Stryker features a maximum image area of 60x80cm (23.6×31.5in), and its smooth, high-speed operation and precise control make it possible to achieve index speeds up to 900 pieces per hour, but can print images as large as 100x84cm (39x33in) in alternating print heads, making it ideal for cut-pieces and all-over garments.

Stryker boasts a multitude of impressive features including Maintenance Minder, M&R’s Laser Locator System, M&R’s exclusive Squeegee Dam, M&R’s electronically adjustable Ink Dip system, and the innovative park feature.

If you’re looking for versatility, durability, speed, and exceptional output, look no further than M&R’s Stryker Oval Screen Printing Press. It’s simply the most versatile press on the market today.

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