Stocks races ahead in 2017 with the all new ZSK Racer 1XL

The Racer XL is equipped with the thinnest tubular arm in the industry
The Racer XL is equipped with the thinnest tubular arm in the industry

The latest technology from ZSK has set new benchmarks throughout the embroidery sector. After the industry was given the smallest cylinder arm in the industry in 2016, ZSK has taken it that step further with the new Racer 1XL 24 needle machine.

The Racer 1XL, developed and produced with the same German engineering and manufacturing as all ZSK embroidery machines, is state-of-the-art in respect to embroidery speed, precision and flexibility.

The Racer 1XL is the latest member of the popular ZSK Racer tubular machine series, available with one, two, four, six and eight embroidery heads. What does the new model offer compared to other single head machines? Unique 24 colour/needles and an enormous embroidery field of 650x700mm. This concept is ideal for all applications which need a larger embroidery field in combination with more colours than the standard 12, such as producers of flags, banners, or just the rising demand of online-shop systems.

The Racer 1XL can still be used in the standard embroidery functions, such as border frame, cap or tubular mode. The change between these different functions is fast and easy.

The Racer 1XL is equipped with the thinnest tubular arm of the industry, measuring at just 43×44.3mm, offering more possibilities to enter into tiny tubular objects than other single head embroidery machines.

By default, the Racer 1XL comes with additional 92mm useable depth at the tubular arm. This provides the possibility to embroider on a large area on tubular objects, such as trousers and jackets, without a shortage on space.


  • Single head with 24 needles/colours.
  • Border frame, tubular and cap embroidery modes.
  • Large embroidery field up to 650x700mm in border frame mode.
  • Maximum embroidery speed up to 1,000 stitches per minute.
  • Slimmest tubular arm in the industry.
  • 92mm additional usable depth at the tubular arm.
  • Intuitive and logical T8-2 control panel.
  • Can be operated in 14 different languages.
  • Storage for up to 80 million stitches.
  • Optional attachments like sequin, boring, cording or hot-air cutting devices available.
  • Accepts all common industrial embroidery codes.

Stocks Embroidery & Sewing Solutions, the sole UK supplier for ZSK embroidery machinery, and the leading supplier throughout Europe, will have the new Racer 1XL embroidery machine on display at Printwear & Promotions LIVE! in February at the NEC in Birmingham. Alongside the Racer 1XL will be the ZSK Racer 4S and the Racer 6S, the four and six head embroidery machines from the Racer series, and the much loved ZSK Sprint 6 single head embroidery machine.

Whether you are starting your new embroidery business, or looking to upgrade or add to your existing machinery, ZSK embroidery equipment combined with Stocks’ expert knowledge and experience within the industry will take you to the level your production requires. Engineered and built in Germany, all ZSK embroidery machines are assembled with the best reputation in the market for precision, reliability and resilience. Invest in the best, invest in ZSK.

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