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The Racer 4S
The Racer 4S

Stocks Embroidery & Sewing Solutions launched the latest embroidery machine from ZSK, the new Racer 4S, earlier this year. This is the first machine available in the Racer series, now including the world’s smallest tubular arm.

The Racer 4S is the first of the new ZSK embroidery machine series Racer. This machine includes the slimmest tubular arm within the embroidery industry, first demonstrated on the ZSK Single Head embroidery machine, Sprint 6, which was released last year. The Racer series will be the first of their kind to include this new feature on multi-head embroidery machines. The sleek new tubular arm makes it possible to embroider on the smallest and narrowest textiles, such as shirt pockets and shoes. The clean arm design, with minimised open spaces, helps to prevent textiles getting damaged or to be pulled into any open spaces. The system also works without a picker at the front, which stops the textiles being pulled by the picker into the hook, a common technical glitch with other types of machines. This innovative technology allows embroidery on the narrowest of textiles, and is now one of the optimised features included on the Racer 4S, and throughout further releases within the Racer series.

With four embroidery heads, 12 needles on each head, and an embroidery sewing speed of 1,000 stitches per minute, the Racer 4S is sprinting ahead of existing multi-head machines. 2015 has been one of the biggest years yet for ZSK and Stocks. With a whole range of new machines including cutting-edge technology and features, together they are bringing the embroidery industry up to an entire new level.

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