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R-Jet5 DTG printer
R-Jet5 DTG printer

This year has seen Resolute DTG introduce many innovative products into the UK market. Read on to find out the ins and outs of these printers and inks.

In February this year Resolute brought the Direct Color Systems LED UV printers to the UK market. With its IRD2 zero VOC inks which include white and clear varnish the MVP can print onto any colour substrate with a thickness of up to 373mm.

Printing directly onto promotional items was in the past done mostly with solvent based printers. The MVP range benefits from LED UV curing which allows it to produce images in 3D. The patented process officially called Textur3D can raise areas creating a print that not only looks fantastic, it feels fantastic. A good example of using Textur3D for promotional items is Disney, which uses the MVP LED UV printers in its D Tech stores. A YouTube video of this shows the MVPs in action.

The ability to print in 3D allows the production of ADA compliant Braille signage, until now thin substrates could not be used as routing for Braille beads requires a certain thickness. The MVP produces ADA Braille signs with coloured or clear Braille dots, raised text or features in minutes automatically. The system can also produce photopolymer replication. This process again is automatic and has the benefit of covering the Braille with a background image making striking signs hiding the Braille dots within the design.

Cylindrical objects such as water bottles made from plastic or alloy, wine bottles, glasses and tins can also be printed using the EasyCyl attachment on the MVP6 and MVP15. This is pretty amazing to see, the results can be flat print or raised taking only a few minutes per bottle. The speed of the MVP range is one of its unique features. The MVP can print a full tray of pencils (600mm long) in only one minute 15 seconds. Resolute believes the MVP to be the fastest UV flat bed printer available in the small to medium format market.

In July this year a new Flexi ink was developed, the IRD4 range. With the same zero VOC properties this Flexi ink is breaking the mould in the garment decoration market. The MVP can actually produce a heat press transfer backed with white ink for use on items such as caps, shoes, jeans and many other products that are difficult to print in a DTG printer. It can also print directly onto leather, PVC and many other difficult to decorate products.

R-Jet 5 DTG printer – now with its own exclusive club

The R-Jet 5 is tried and tested in the field for over three years, it now comes with its own loyalty points club. The more you print the more Inkster points you earn which can be cashed in and spent on consumables or other Resolute products.

Club Resolute introduced in July has been a massive success. Adding value to the R-Jet5 DTG printer package was almost impossible. It’s hard to top something that is already No.1 but Club Resolute has done just that. With its own patented mascot ‘Inkster – Stig of Digital Print’ Club Resolute gives back in more ways than one. Access to extended warranties, double and treble points offers on selected products and free upgraded deliveries are just a few of the benefits Club Resolute members can expect. With no major changes since the original design the R-Jet5 remains the professional’s choice for DTG printing. Combining the R-Jet5 with a hybrid screen print process in 2015 yet again set it aside from other similar sized printers. The hybrid increases production when needed and gives the ability to produce traditional screen printing in a much smaller area with all the bits you need included in one easy package.

LED UV MVP printer
LED UV MVP printer

About Club Resolute

Membership is automatic with any equipment purchased from Resolute on or after July 1 2015, points are earned on all consumable and equipment purchases. When you login to your online account your points total is displayed. Automatic discounts apply according to your tier, blue, bronze, silver or gold. If you purchased your equipment before this date please send your serial number, company name and contact details to and a team member will sign you up.

When your business needs a solution for DTG, screen, sign, Braille or promotional printing Resolute will certainly have a package suited to your company no matter how big or small your requirements.

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