Star spangled EZ printed T shirts

DTG Digital M3 Industrial

Direct to garment printing has come a long way in the few years it has been around and much of the development has been down to the collaboration of two companies, DTG Digital and Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd).

Between them they have been constantly pushing boundaries, always looking at how to give their customers that extra advantage in a very competitive market. They were amongst the first, with this style of machine, to develop specifically manufactured hardware and firmware as opposed to adapting something that was already on the market. They were also the first to bridge the gap between small and bulk order printing with the introduction of the M-Series machines, and the new M3 Industrial carries that advantage forward being a machine that is just as comfortable printing one-offs as bulk runs.

Amid all the development of the printing machines though the essential process of pre-treating garments has remained a manual operation. Until now that is!

The EZ-Treat PRO is a self-contained system that semi-automates this operation. All you have to do is load the garment and the machine does the rest. It is fully programmable so that only the area being printed is treated thus saving time and pre-treat solution. It also creates a healthier environment by keeping any excess spray within the confines of the cabinet. Combining the EZ-Treat PRO with the DTG Digital M3 creates an efficient and profitable combination, but there is more.

Much of the development around direct to garment printing has concentrated, as you would expect, on printing but YES Ltd has come up with yet another winning combination with the introduction of the Spangle Elite.

This small footprint spangle attaching machine offers an incredible easy and efficient way of attaching spangles to a garment. This, on its own, creates a stunning effect that is very much in vogue at the moment but YES Ltd  has gone one step further by combining spangles and direct-to-garment printing. The results have been stunning and were very well received at P&P LIVE! 2017 where all of these machines were shown for the first time in the UK.

With this winning combination of the DTG Digital M3 Industrial, the EZ-Treat PRO and the Spangle Elite you can now offer a wider range of effects to your customers, giving you that winning edge.

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