Staples of the corporate world

01426 and 01427
01426 and 01427

SOL’S offers a complete range of corporate products including shirts, knitwear, aprons and ties. Ideal for day-to-day work wear and for more formal occasions, the majority of products are available for men and women, and are available in a vast range of colours.

As shirts are a staple of the corporate wear world, one of SOL’S best sellers is the SOL’S BRIGHTON (17000), a long-sleeved stretch men’s shirt, with a fitted cut and adjustable cuffs, which offers optimum comfort with a long lasting wrinkle resistance. Available in sizes S to 4XL, it also comes in two ladies styles – the long sleeve SOL’S LADIES EDEN (17015) and the 3/4-length sleeve SOL’S LADIES EFFECT (17010).

In 2016, the classic style has been complemented with a chic new collection. The new SOL’S BLAKE (01426) and SOL’S LADIES BLAKE (01427) shirts add a flowing and comfortable fabric to the range: the stretch poplin. Their small collar, fine placket and fitted cut, give these shirts a smart and modern style.

The new SOL’S BARNET (01428) and SOL’S LADIES BARNET (01429) shirts offer a denim look with a soft and comfortable heather poplin, perfect for the most fashionable markets.

The SOL’S BELMONT (01430) and SOL’S LADIES BELMONT (01431) styles, with their contrasting white Italian spread collar, are made from a very soft end-to-end fabric made of 100% cotton.

A line of shirts made of polyester moss crepe, a flowing and feminine fabric, completes the range with the long-sleeve SOL’S LADIES BETTY SHIRT (01433), which offers a tone-on-tone eight-button placket, and the short-sleeve SOL’S LADIES BRIDGET (01432) which has a teardrop fastening at the back neck. Both are comfortable to wear and easy-care with no need to iron.

SOL’S also has a modern collection of knitwear, all made of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic. The SOL’S GALAXY (90000) and the SOL’S LADIES GALAXY (90010) V neck sweaters have timeless and chic designs that are specially made for the corporate market. In a different style but the same fabric, the SOL’S GENTLEMEN (10591) unisex sleeveless sweater can easily give any outfit an elegant style.

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