Stanley/Stella releases new sustainability report

After months in the making, Stanley/Stella has released its brand-new Sustainability Report, which outlines how the company has progressed on its path to sustainability.

The report is broken down into six sections; sustainable sourcing, certifying the supply chain, responsible production, factory initiatives, environmental projects, and the road ahead.

With regards to sustainable sourcing, Stanley/Stella has from day one championed 100% organic cotton. Now the brand will go one step further and from February will start a cotton traceability project, aiming for end-to-end visibility in the supply chain.

Coupled with this, Stanley/Stella has ensured that it is monitored, regulated and approved by some of the world’s leading bodies. The brand also encourages its dealers to implement GOTS certified printing techniques, which use non-harmful inks and sustainable production methods, so that the final, decorated garments are 100% fully sustainable.

Responsible production means working closely with a limited number of partner factories in Bangladesh. Stanley/Stella is an also active member of the Fair Wear Foundation which works on improving labour conditions in garment factories. Going the extra mile, the brand has also put a number of mechanisms in place, such as an internal Code of Conduct and a CSR Monthly Report to ensure the best working conditions.

One initiative that Stanley/Stella is currently supporting to improve worker livelihoods, is the opening of grocery shops inside the factories. The brand provides the financing so that the shops can sell goods such as rice, oil and lentils at subsidised prices. Further information on this can be found within the report.

When it comes to water consumption, Stanley/Stella only works with factories with Effluent Treatment Plants which remove all toxic elements from waste water. Furthermore, the partners the brand works with for transport and warehousing are leaders in their field, with the warehouse in Antwerp, managed by KTN, being almost fully sustainable. Taking things further, Stanley/Stella has developed a recycling fabric waste project. By collecting manufacturing offcuts from partner factories, the brand can create recycled yarn to be used for the production of its accessories range.

And finally, Stanley/Stella has plenty more initiatives in the pipeline for the road ahead.

Jean Chabert CEO of Stanley/Stella, said: “We really enjoy coming up with new ways of working which have a positive impact on people and the planet. From subsidising fair-priced grocery shops in our partner factories, to recycling fabric waste and co-funding electrical bikes for our HQ staff, we’re constantly developing new ideas to make a difference.”

The release of this report follows Stanley/Stella’s ranking earlier in the year by the Textile Exchange as one of the world’s leading sustainable brands and attributed ‘Leader’ status by the Fair Wear Foundation.

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