Stanley/Stella commits to upholding in Bangladesh during COVID-19 crisis

A Stanley/Stella garment worker at the sewing line at Dird

Stanley/Stella has committed to honour all open orders with its five partner factories in Bangladesh during the COVID-19 crisis.

While many in the fashion industry appear to be cancelling orders, leaving factories and the local garment workers in a very precarious position, Stanley/Stella remains fully committed to Bangladesh and its people, as it has since the company was founded in 2011.

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), has launched an urgent appeal to urge international apparel buyers to come forward to support Bangladesh during this disastrous time, highlighting that the cancellation and non-payment of orders by buyers has impacted over 1,000 factories, costing over $3 billion and impacting over two million of the country’s garment workers.

Stanley/Stella, whose head office is located in Brussels, produces a contemporary and sustainable collection of organic cotton blank apparel for the promotional wear and retail brand sector. Virtually all of the company’s production takes place in five partner factories in Bangladesh. It has worked with these factories for many years, not only to produce their collections, but also to fundamentally improve the working conditions for the garment industry by implementing safe working conditions and a fair wage.

Jean Chabert, managing director Stanley/Stella, said: “We have not, and will not, cancel any open orders to our partner factories in Bangladesh. Stanley/Stella is strongly committed to this country and its people, and have been since the beginning in 2011. We have no intention of leaving, and every intention of supporting the factories and all their dependent garment workers to get back on their feet once this crisis passes and will continue to work hard to improve working conditions and ensure fair remuneration.”

Stanley/Stella is proud to be among a number of brands behaving responsibly and respectfully during this difficult time. The company believes this is the right thing to do, the ethical thing to do.

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