A spotter’s guide to a great men’s shirt


With a market that’s flooded with men’s shirts in every size, shape and at any price, it’s no surprise that wearers get confused. So, how do you tell them apart?

The first thing most people notice is the collar. Whether it’s classic, cutaway, button down or any combination of the three, to retain its shape, the inner construction has to be right. Similar can be said of the cuffs.

Then there’s the fit. On the high street it’s all about modern, slimmest of slim fits, but that doesn’t work in our arena. So the fit has to be appropriate to the wearer, the role they are performing and the environment in which they are doing it.

And what about the fabric? It’s easy to get hung up on numbers – particular compositions or weights, but what’s needed is a fabric that’s dense enough to not be translucent, and a composition that provides great wearer comfort, but also sufficient crease resistance and/or crease recovery, to ensure that a professional appearance can be maintained throughout the day.

Then you’re into the finer details, twin needling, a good density of stitches, quality of buttons, the packaging and of course, the not so visible environmental impact from production.

Take a closer look at a Disley shirt and you’ll find all of these points covered in abundance – the highest quality interlinings, in-built collar bones, Oeko-Tex approved fabrics and construction, recyclable packaging and all the excellence that you’d expect from 65 years of tailoring experience.


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