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PR150 and PR125
PR150 and PR125

Most of us experience a level of hospitality on a daily basis whether we realise it or not. Our early morning caffeine fix served up by our favourite barista to lunchtime grab-and go-street food; after work drinks with colleagues through to all night takeaway outlets – we are all enjoying a level of hospitality.

The employment figures for the industry are reflective of our demand for this 24/7 service; according to People 1st, the hospitality workforce grew by 13% between 2011 and 2015 and with this comes an unprecedented demand for staff uniforms.

As a rule the industry employs many young people who are seeking temporary work, so the emphasis has to be on affordable, practical and fashionable uniform choices and Premier has this in abundance.

Recognising that many restaurants, cafés and bistros now take on an industrial deco look with exposed brickwork, bare pipes and concentre ceilings, Premier’s collection for 2017 reflects this quirky trend and customers will start to see a more casual- almost organic approach to what we do.

Denim is set to play a big part with jeans stitch shirts and aprons available in shades of indigo and black. To promote a truly artisan feel to service, Premier is introducing a range of gingham shirts which look fantastic when teamed with a denim offering.

Full length bib aprons and bistro waist aprons remain at the heart of the hospitality collection and Premier will continue to introduce new colours and develop new and innovative styles as the appetite for a fashionable service shows no sign of abating.

As a seller, the business of consumer dining is huge; anyone who is dealing with the preparation and distribution of food and drink will need some kind of hygienic and protective coverage.


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