Specialised framing systems

As the appeal for embroidered items has grown over the years, so has the range of products that are consistently being presented to the embroiderer.

In addition to the standard left chest, and back of garment embroidery, it is also common place to see embroidery designs on ties, sleeves, cuffs, pockets, collars, socks and belts. Not to mention the numerous other items ranging from table cloths, babywear, shoes, boots, bag flaps, to interior design products and greetings cards to name but a few.

The type of embroidery frame chosen when embroidering an item can greatly influence the quality of the final stitching. Indeed, if the correct embroidery frame is not chosen then the whole embroidery process can be a very frustrating one, resulting in low quality embroidery because the garment/ item is not being help in place correctly when stitching occurs.

Specialised framing systems such as Fast Frames offer enormous potential embroidery opportunities. The 7 in 1 Fast Frame system is a non-hoop embroidery frame system. The Fast Frames work in conjunction with Gunold Filmoplast, which is a self-adhesive, non woven backing. The Filmoplast is stuck on the underside of the frame and the adhesive backing is exposed in the ‘open’ embroidering area of the frame. Press the item to be embroidered firmly down onto the sticky Filmoplast backing. There are notches on the frames which can be used as a reference points for alignment purposes. Any product that can be laid down flat in the sewing area can be embroidered. The 7 in 1 Fast Frame set comprises various different sizes and shapes of frame offering a huge range of embroidery applications.


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