A softer side to ink

Wilflex Oasis Intense
Wilflex Oasis Intense

Wilflex Oasis is a complete line of textile water-based inks designed to meet the needs of screen printers around the world.

From high opaque, soft hand inks to contemporary fashion driven effects, Wilflex Oasis brings together superior technology, world-wide distribution and the best technical support team in the business. Printing with Wilflex Oasis inks means more open screen time, reduced waste and sot, vibrant, durable prints, all while meeting regulatory requirements and optimising production.

The Wilflex Oasis family of inks include the four base chemistries:

  • Wilflex Oasis Intense Series offers more than traditional high solids aqueous systems. Brilliant colour reproduction, a tack free surface plus improved cure properties improve the overall look and feel of the garment.
  • Wilflex Oasis Hydrate is a high solids system designed to create a plastisol look without PVC or phthalates. It has a soft hand-feel and a very smooth finish that delivers a better drape than plastisol and designed applications on 100% cotton and some cotton/polyester blends, when bleed resistance is not required. Express version of Hydrate available for enhanced cure properties and increased productivity.
  • Wilflex Oasis Hydrosoft Inks produce traditional soft hand prints on white and light coloured garments, exhibiting excellent fine detail and strong colour development. Express version of Hydrosoft provides improved cure properties and increased productivity.
  • Wilflex Oasis Discharge inks are activated with Oasis Discharge Activator to remove the dye on dischargeable cotton fabrics, producing exceptional results with bright colour development and a soft hand-feel on dark substrates.


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