Six key components of digital marketing

Businesses have always used different advertising channels to get their messages across to customers such as newspapers, radio and television; however, these media channels provide little to no control over who sees their adverts and little to no way of tracking return on investment.

Now with the dawn of digital marketing, businesses can now zero in on customers by promoting their products and services across search engines, social media, and other websites that are relevant to their target customers. Most importantly, with the built-in tracking and retargeting capabilities of digital marketing and advertising, businesses are also able to measure their results more concretely.

Another important factor is local targeting. Yes, you can sell right across the globe using the worldwide web; however, most people still buy local and still prefer to make purchases in their own languages. Moreover, if you’ve got a shopfront where you’d like people to visit you, local digital marketing within your geographic location becomes even more important. Additionally it is always advisable to concentrate your marketing efforts locally or in a specific location where your brand gain gains market share, visibility and recognition more easily – in this case less means more.

The world of tech is ever changing and there are many important aspects that are vital to taking full advantage of digital marketing and digital advertising to increase online sales; however, here are six key components which the team at DigitisingMart believe are of utmost importance:

1) Your website.
2) Directory listings.
3) Search engine optimisation.
4) Social media.
5) Content.
6) Targeted advertising.

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