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productshotsSimplifying software? It is very possible.

Take a glance around your shop. If you’re like most businesses, you likely have anywhere from five to 10 different software packages in use and all from different software vendors. As new production workflow requirements arise, hardware devices are purchased and in many cases are accompanied by some form of scaled down production software package. As new devices are added, so is the multitude of unique software products all designed by different software developers. Using software products from so many suppliers can be problematic.

Did you know that CADlink Technology develops software products that are used worldwide in the following markets? Garment decorating, laser and rotary engraving, UV printing, specialty printing of all types, screen printing, CNC machining, wide format printing, sign making and many others.

The benefits of using software from a single provider can be enormous.

There are numerous benefits of using software packages from a single source, but three of the most valuable ones include:

  • Reduced learning curve. The single most time consuming activity when it comes to software is having to learn it for the first time. Likewise, the single largest time wasting element is either using the software incorrectly or not understanding the efficiency features included within it. The CADlink family of software products all include a very similar user-interface regardless of production workflow. In short, the benefit of utilising these software packages is ‘learning one, understanding many’.
  • Substantial software cost savings. CADlink provides up to 50% off list pricing when site licenses are purchased. This price policy extends across many of our brand products. So for example, if you currently use SignLab for printing and/or cutting and purchase an engraver, you could qualify for up to 50% reduction in price on the EngraveLab software products.
  • Standardisation of workflows. You may be printing (Digital Factory Apparel) a custom graphic on a garment of some sort but the client may also require that the same graphic be laser engraved (EngraveLab) onto acrylic plaques. They may also require the image to be included as part of their retail signage (SignLab). Using the same family of software packages that extend across different production requirements simplifies and standardises your workflow saving a great deal of time and money.

The CADlink family of software products:

SignLab –

EngraveLab –

Digital Factory –

FilmMaker –

ProfileLab –

For additional product information or to be directed to a regional reseller, please contact CADlink at:

CADlink UK
Intech House, Wilbury Way
Hitchin, Herts

Phone: 01462 420222
Fax: 01462 420111


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