Sharon Lee recycles all rejected stock hats

All stock hats that are rejected or fail the decoration QC, together with all non-required pre-production samples, are recycled by Sharon Lee.

Working closely with a recycling partner, Sharon Lee is able to offer a fully secure recycling process on all supplied headwear items branded or plain.

The cotton from the caps and beanies is respun into new cotton, while the polyester is recycled and turned into insulation, the Velcro adjusters are turned into an Energy from Waste solution to power the National Grid and any metal components are reused in metal manufacturing.

And in just three months of collecting rejected headwear, Sharon Lee has saved the planet the following:

  • 1,034kg of waste headwear collected over three collections.
  • 207kg recycled to make renewable fabrics.
  • 630kg recycled to make insulation/ geotextiles.
  • 207kg of waste used for green energy.
  • 75 tons of C02 saved from the atmosphere.
  • 1,053,889 litres of water saved by aiding the future of manufacturing of textiles.

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